About Trailer Guardian

Safety, security and peace of mind-- there is no better feeling as you drive down the road
towing your valuable R.V., boat, horses, snowmobiles, or any other of your fun toys or equipment.
The Trailer Guardian is a new and unique safety and anti-theft device that is
installed in seconds, eliminates the fear of an accidental trailer separation and
the dependence of your families' lives and property dangling on the end of a "safety chain".
The added benefit of the Trailer Guardian is the ability to lock and secure
your trailer on the tow vehicle stinger or even on a parked trailer
by using the included security lock.
A coupler not properly secured, mis-matched coupler and ball,
and equipment failures are all some of the reasons a decoupling situation can occur
and why the Trailer Guardian is a must to include with your trailer towing package.